Dale Crosby-Close

Dale is an illustrator that graduated from Kingston University in 2014, currently living in Leeds trying to make it by doing what he loves – drawing and making people laugh (with bits of music making inbetween). He believes that there aren’t many things in life that can’t be improved with a good sense of humour and a bagel. 
He takes influence from the strange and interesting people he meets and sees, creating imagined worlds for them to live and explore, thinking about what they may say and how they would react in any given situation.
He likes to take complicated concepts / ideas and reduce them to their simplest form, making them accessible to all, believing art should be something be enjoyed by all for it to be truly relevant and to truly make a difference. Heavily influenced by the ideas of John Cleese, promoting creativity is something that is important to him, as it is ideas that have the power to change the world. He likes to write stories and rubbish poems and dabbles in a bit of animation in his spare time.
In the past he has worked with communities in London with his collective Drawing Club, getting people involved in making vast pieces of art, leaving their inhibitions behind and releasing their inner child. He is currently working on writing and illustrating a story called Worlds, as well as creating an app designed to help people quit smoking.

Tumblr: www.dalesbits.tumblr.com
Website: www.dalesbits.com
Drawing Club Website: www.d-club.co.uk
Twitter: @dalebrains
Instagram: @dalebrains

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