Cristian Fiscutean Rus

Cristian Fiscutean Rus was born in Timisoara, in the west part of Romania, moved to England in 2011 and currently lives and works in Darlington. Cristian acknowledged his artisic talents as an adolescent, when he learned the basics of drawing and watercolour painting but was later introduced to oils, which became his main medium and passion.

Cristian is a distinctive presence in the local artistic community through his interest in classical painting. He enjoys bringing book scenes and characters to the visual world through his paintings, while also creating still life – works, portraits and landscapes. Cristian’s use of colour, his brush strokes and choice of subjects, all reflect his traditional approach to art in which he finds the right tools for self expression.

At the moment he enjoys working on his own projects, as well as teaching others. 

Facebook: Cristian-Fiscutean-Rus-1678895869024815

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