Cat Scott

Cat Scott is a Scientific-Artist / Independent Curator based in Bradford, UK.

Cat uses scientific ideas as a starting point, to form conceptual, two and three dimensional artworks. As well as curating innovative exhibitions and events, that sit within a range of disciplines. The hybrid nature of her practice opens up new realms, that blur the boundaries between art, design, science and innovation.

Science, as well as other disciplines, act as a platform to communicate abstract ideas.

Her artistic and curatorial practice aims to represent invisible and abstract phenomena, focusing on the relationship between the nano, micro and macro scale, through multi-sensory representation.

Cat is inspired by pioneering scientific discoveries. She is interested in the role of the artist, to communicate and open up cutting-edge research, pushing it into new and innovative directions.

Collaboration is proving to be key to her multidisciplinary practice. Cat is currently collaborating with Curators from across the United Kingdom to co-curate art and science exhibitions and events.

In addition to this, Cat is collaborating with Artists, Scientists and Makers on collaborative projects and to curate exhibitions and events as part of the open collective The Superposition based in Leeds.

Instagram: @catscottsciart
Twitter: @catscottsciart

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