Caro Blount-Shah

Artist making prints and artists’ books using photographic, embossing and carborundum techniques.

I’m interested in darkroom photographic printing methods Cyanotype and Argyrotype, and placing objects (eg, leaves, stems, and found images) directly on sensitised paper and fabric to make images. I make concertina books which take time to cut fold and stitch or glue together. The books also take the reader time to view as they turn the pages or walk around and along them on a shelf.

I am currently working on Cyanotype and Argyrotype prints exploring plants used in textile production and the history of the north of England’s  textile industry where thousands of people were employed until the 1960s, when the industry went into decline.  Inspired by visits to textile museums and galleries in Burnley, Bradford and Saltaire, the prints I make are of plant fibres, such as teasels, bamboo, flax, and cotton, and ramie (nettles) used in textiles.

The prints have embossed areas, which trace manufacturing processes such as teasing, weaving and finishing the fabric, or journeys and routes people take through the post-industrial landscape. My interest in using Cyanotype and Argyrotype comes from groups of learners, in various community arts settings using the sun print process as a way of introducing basic photography techniques.

Recent new prints about the textile industry explore sound and image combined using a soundtrack recorded at Queen St Textile Museum in Lancashire and the technique for making the prints uses carborundum particles to capture traces of the sounds onto a printing plate.

LinkedIn: Caro Blount-Shah

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