Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company

Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company is an emerging theatre company with a commitment to raising confidence and increasing access to opportunity for young people from working class backgrounds often facing difficulty. We work across organisations such as schools, community centres and theatres to create performances, workshops and events that provide these opportunities. Our work has a working class remit and is largely verbatim based.

Studying Theatre and performance at University we struggled with the class divide that we feel is largely present in a university setting and so we were inspired to make the prospect of university less alienating for young people from working class backgrounds. Our work has evolved to encourage healthy lifestyle and making the right choices while we offer support in an educational setting.

What can we offer? We often perform our first play Rewrite the System, that is verbatim and looks at the class divide, challenging the notion of what it means to be working class. The aim of the play to provoke thought about this, not to force a particular message to encourage people to not to form assumptions on somebody based on where they are from or how they sound. It is important that we encourage young people to be confident and not feel inferior while respecting different lifestyles.

We offer workshops based on this subject matter also within educational settings, looking at healthy lifestyles and some of the limiting factors and difficulties that some young people may face when trying to access opportunity.

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