Beverley Porter

Beverley works intuitively with clay, hand building all her pieces so no two are ever alike. She uses a variety of techniques; mainly sculpting/modelling the figurative form, whilst press moulding plates and platters and coil building vessels with the addition of hand modelled relief. Her work ranges in a variety of scale from smaller pieces that can be picked up and turned in the hand to larger more sculptural pieces.

Beverley uses earthstone clay, and a variety of medium such as underglaze stains with a low fired clear glaze for a brightly coloured shiny finish, or oxides and mixed media to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Beverley is fascinated with surface texture which is a constant theme in her work, focusing particularly on peeling, flaky, distressed paint, rusty skips, tree bark, and worn paving slabs; and she is often found photographing these surfaces.

Inspirations include the surfaces of Sculptures by Elizabeth Frink and Henry Moore along with artwork by Frank Auerbach and Anselm Kiefer, also classical sculptures by Rodin and Michelangelo. She also draws influence from contemporary ceramicists Michael Flynn and Phillip Eglin to name a few and from more traditional Wedgwood and Meissen over decorated and ornate pottery styles. 


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