Alison McIntyre

Alison uses a technique called curve stitching, sewing embroidery thread into card to make beautiful geometric patterns, which she then makes into framed pictures, notebooks, brooches and greetings cards. Her work is inspired by geometry, spirograph and by memories of the string art she did at primary school around nails on a felt-backed board. What she makes is a far more modern and pared down version and she has recently adapted the technique to create some new animal and bird designs.

She also uses her curve stitch technique to make bigger installations, including a collaboration in 2015 with Lee Goater at Leeds City Library Art Space (see picture above). In 2015/16 she will be running a community project called Threads, funded by Leeds Inspired, which will create a collaborative curve stitch installation at Colours May Vary. The conversations we have whilst making the work will be recorded and typographically represented as an integral part of the exhibition.

Alison also makes drawings with pen and ink and occassionally finds time to do some painting too.

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Twitter: @AlisonJMcIntyre
Instagram: @AlisonJMcIntyre

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