PHD Scholarship on Artist Live / Work Scheme

Opportunity Now Closed

Deadline for Applications:
Tuesday 15th March 2016

Venue: East Street Arts
Patrick Studios, St Mary’s Lane, Leeds, LS9 7EH

Whilst research about community-public art tends to focus on the aesthetic, cultural and political intentions and processes that shape its production, this research also examines the challenges of how to measure the impact of Live/Work and associated artistic production in a domestic/community location and, in parallel, working with the community, analyse the effectiveness of communal co-interpretation of Live/Work as artistic endeavour and as a process for public engagement. These two strands of the project have not previously been considered together and will thus be inextricably connected.

The aim of Live/Work is to provide good quality Live/Work space that encourages artists to live in an area and become active citizens in their community: to stimulate the locale and resident communities by supporting artists to create physical and wellbeing impact in the neighbourhood. The project is thus a unique opportunity for a doctoral researcher to engage with an established artist-led organisation and their audiences, to understand their priorities in relation to cultural and economic regeneration.

Commencing September 2016: Fees paid plus a bursary of £10,400 per annum for three years. The scholarship is only available to UK home/EU applicants. Dependent on successful related and appropriate funding applications East Street Arts and the University of Huddersfield will seek to increase the bursary to reflect RCUK collaborative doctoral awards: please note an increase in the bursary is not guaranteed throughout the three years 2016 to 2019.

Aims and Objectives:

• To design, collaboratively, a piece of high-quality academic research about Live/Work that responds to the interests, values, and priorities of East Street Arts, artist-led organisations and their nonacademic stakeholders.

• To understand current critical and historical knowledge of community-public art in relation to the Live/Work scheme and in the contexts of public engagement and cultural leadership.

• To undertake research in an academic environment with periods of the researcher being ‘embedded’ at East Street Arts (to be decided by the researcher).

• To train a doctoral researcher in negotiating the needs and priorities of an artist-led organization alongside academic methodologies and expectations.

• To examine the national and international activities of Live/Work schemes for high-quality academic research.

• To produce, in addition to an academic thesis, public-centred outputs (eg. relational exhibition, workshop, symposium) that adds value to the Live/Work scheme, related communities and relative public and voluntary sector professionals.

For more information, please download the PhD Scholarship Advert document.

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