Richard Stone – Members Residency

November brings our second Members Residency with London-based artist Richard Stone moving to Leeds to work from Patrick Studios Project Space. There will be a public event to view Richard’s work so watch this space for more info!

Richard’s works materialise in many forms from objects and installation through to site-specific interventions, exploring themes of self, place, absence and transience. Existing materials and found objects are seductively reworked or reconfigured through physical processes and conceptually layered strategies. Richard’s pieces have included figures engulfed in ghostly auras of smooth amorphous wax, erased landscapes, assemblages of earth, flowers, salt and other delicate ephemera, and performative works. The residency coincides with a point of departure in his practice, and he seeks to develop new approaches and to experiment with new materials and methods of display for his sculptural and installation work.

To see more of Richard Stones work, please visit: www.richardstoneprojects.com